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And the Survey shows…..

Well, the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher is out. Always an informative read, but this year shows some of the most disturbing statistics ever. As I scanned the document this morning over coffee, I became more and more disheartened. … Continue reading

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Educating Parents

Ok, I don’t pretend to know what happens in the home of every child I teach, but I can say one thing for certain – since the beginning of public education, parents have always said that their kids act differently … Continue reading

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We are all a part of the system

I have started this blog as a type of catharsis, for lack of a better word. Those of you who teach may understand the points I will bring up. Or not. Perhaps some – or the majority – of you … Continue reading

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The art of education

I am a teacher. At this point, that is really all anyone needs to know about me. No one needs to know my name, or what or where I teach. Quite simply, in this day and age there is little … Continue reading

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